Mystery Photos

One of my main projects in my family history research is to scan, archive and identify many pictures, about 300 of them so far! I would love to have these pictures identified before it is too late and not a single living person would be able to recall our ancestor's appearances. If you are interested in assisting me in the identification of these pictures, please contact me!!! There are online albums on the homepage of this blog in the left hand column. Click on the picture of the album you are interested in. Then click on the small pictures and they will enlarge. You are welcome to make comments under them. Picture identification is one of the main purposes for this blog. I have many pictures with no information at all and some that actually have names, but I have no idea who they are and why my grandmother - Alice Mae (Ashley) Short - would have these pictures. If you see a picture on this blog that you know information about, please do not hesitate to comment. If you know the persons name, age, where they are at, what they are doing, etc. Your knowledge is highly valued!!!

All details are welcome!!! Thanks so much!!!

Please keep in mind that all information and pictures are copyrighted and the property of the blog owner. If someone would like a copy of a picture, I would be more than happy to send it to you. Also, if you used information on this blog for genealogical purposes I would appreciate being listed as a source that I might receive proper credit for my research. The majority of my photos have been restored and are considered my own creative property.


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