Brick Walls

Brick Walls

Brick walls are problems in genealogy research that we can't seem to move past with the information we have at this time. If you know anything about the people mentioned on this page, please contact me. All details are welcome as your knowledge may seem insignificant you, but it may change how a person continues with further research possibly finding an answer.

1 - James P. Ashley (father of James Peyton Ashley) Born in Culpeper County, Virginia and lived in Nicholas County until between 1840 - 1850 (my guess). I am trying to find out more information about his life and details on his parents and family in Virginia. I do have the information posted in a few books about Kentucky and Nicholas County and that he fought in the war of 1812. I would love to also find out more about his wife, Betsy Marshall and her family.

2 - Samuel Kincart - I know he was born in Scotland, but where in Scotland and what year. Any information on his family or siblings.

3. I am searching for a solid connection between Richard Crump (1802 - 1880 - married to Nancy McCarty) and his son Absalom Crump (1828 - 1865 - married to Nancy Alexander). I have information that shows this relationship most likely existed, but I am seeking proof that is solid.

New Information:

Here I am listing information that I find during research that is recently discovered. Maybe this information will help you in your searching as well!

War of 1812 Pension information on George Blake and Martha Jane (Crump) Blake.