This is a genealogy blog about my ancestors of Nicholas County, Kentucky. It shares stories, includes pictures, records, family history items and pedigree charts. I welcome any information, corrections or comments. All information and pictures are copyrighted and the property of the blog owner. If someone would like a copy of a picture, I would be more than happy to send it to you. Also, if you used information on this blog for genealogical purposes I would appreciate being listed as a source that I might receive proper credit for my research. If there are any pictures posted on this blog or my website that is a family member of yours and bothers you in any way, please let me know so that I can remove it. My intention is not to offend anyone, but to have a blog about genealogy and identify as many old photos as possible. I have several blogs and a website as I do research on many of my family lines in other localities. Nicholas County has a very special place in my heart as that is what I recall from my younger years as the place where my family was from "down in the country". My family has been in Nicholas County since the time of its inception. A few of my ancestors lived in Bourbon County before Nicholas County was created. I am very proud to be a direct descendant of John Kincart (my 3rd great grandfather) who founded the town of Carlisle.

I have been interested in genealogy since I was a young child. I knew my family had a history written up, but I could not comprehend how to order more records or continue further research. After many years I finally pulled out the family history and started to do research online. It was like hitting a gold mine of information.
Since they I have joined Eastern Washington Genealogical Society and some local conferences. In 2009 I attend an ICAPGen and the NGS conferences. I have learned so muchfrom many people willing to invest in others by teaching skills to pursue my family history research. I hope that someday I may also be able to give others this gift. I would like to thank Leslie Crouch Dunnington and Laura Hardin Pumphrey for the family history that was created and handed down to so many people in my family.They truly started me on the path of success with all of the information and records that were provided. It is humbling to walk in their footsteps and realized all the accomplished without all of the resources we have today!

You are welcome to send an email, a photo, an article or anything you wish about genealogy or anything to do with Nicholas County!

Email: kykinfolkblog@gmail.com

Ancestral Footprints Website: http://www.ancestralfootprints.com/

I also have many family lines in Clark and Estill Counties! 
Please view my Abney blog if you family/ancestors in that area.