Saturday, December 4, 2010 | By: © 2010 Terri Merritt Rehmann

Mystery Photo of Dorothy Kendall

Here is a photo that was given to me with the name written across the front as Dorothy Kendall. It does resemble a wedding photo and is quite formal. If this is a wedding picture, I do not know if this name would be her maiden name or her new married name. It does look like she is holding a bible and possibly a rosary in this picture. If anyone knows of this person and any information on her, please contact me. I am sure that my grandmother, Alice Mae Ashley Short, was given this photo for a reason. Thanks!

James Harvey Ashley & Myrtle Mae Crump

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The couple in this a picture of Myrtle Mae Crump and her husband James Harvey Ashley. They are standing in the backyard of their home in Covington, Kentucky. This was also the home of my grandparents and the home that my mother was raised in. I am rather sure that the two men to the left of the couple are her brothers Sherman and Park Crump. I am not sure who the person on the right is. If you know, please comment and let me know.